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Carlinhos demonstrates everything in three minutes.
Carlinhos plays pandeiro with Alcione on a early '80s episode of Alerta Geral.
Alerta Geral with Alcione featuring some Choro stars, including Abel Ferreira, Deo Rian, Waldir Alzevedo, and Altamiro Carrilho. Carlinhos makes a small appearance playing apito.
Carlinhos warming-up the Malabarismo backstage at the Disney Concert Hall in LA. He was part of a Samba group performing with Pink Martini, New Year's Eve 2004.
Carlinhos performing on the show Brasil Pandeiro with Betty Faria.

Songs from Carlinhos' self-titled mini album.

Bloco de Receita

Eta Lasquera


Music written and performed for
the Durfee Foundation.

Casa da Tia Sinhá

Cuanto Tempo

Taste of Samba